Drool City

Before I dive into the sawdust, I thought I would share my new favorite spot in San Diego: Rockler Woodworking and Hardware.  I caught a glimpse on my way to Dixieline and gave them a double-take as I would with any chromed out antique car.  Hell yes.

I immediately found what I was looking for and within minutes an employee asked if I needed any help.  We conversed about picture frames and I was impressed that he was so knowledgeable and willing to work within my limited resources.  The employee, who’s name escapes me, was genuinely concerned that his advice would best fit my situation.  He even suggested a strapping product that was not sold at the store, and has three of them at his house.

Rockler also sells wood lathes, beautiful carving tools, and gorgeous cuts of wood: purpleheart, wenge, ebony.  I was reminded of the woodworking and cabinet making shows of the 80’s that I was glued to as a child.  This is where those guys must have shopped.

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